Staff Augmentation

Is technical recruiting a larger cost center than you would like in your organization? Let IT Accel take over all aspects of your IT recruitment. In this scenario, we schedule and conduct all the necessary interviews and assessments ourselves, then submit our final recommendations to the hiring manager for final approval. Outsourcing the technical recruitment process can free your HR department to conduct other business while leaving technology talent acquisition to the people who do it best — IT Accel.

technical recruiting

Experts in Technology Talent….

We at IT Accel hold superior knowledge in the field of technology. That’s why we are equipped to seek out talent that can work for you and your particular IT needs. No matter the extent of your requirements nor the scope of work, we are prepared to find talented individuals to work for you.

HR Recruiting….

Keep your HR department focused on what they do best. While they continue recruiting and managing your employees, leave it to us to seek out your IT talent. With our specialized expertise, you will use your business’s time and money efficiently and ensure your best talent acquisition outcomes.

HR Recruiting

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