If your organization needs top flight, hard to find talent, IT Accel offers our highest hand of service, which is our retained search option. Our retained search approach provides remote or onsite recruiting resources dedicated to your firm’s specialized and sensitive job search. Not only does our retained search approach provide dedicated recruitment, but it also guarantees a confidential approach that will keep your organization positions and brand out of the public markets.

Recruiting Top Talent…

These are the most critical roles within your company. They serve as your leadership and provide direction to everything that you do. So make sure that when you fill such a significant position, you recruit top talent only. And with IT Accel, this is made simpler than ever. We have access to candidates with the most coveted skill and expertise. And with our retained search option, you can reach individuals who meet your specific criteria and fulfill your exact needs.

A Confidential Approach…

Keep your organization’s position openings and branding out of the public markets. With our services, you can ensure confidentiality as you pursue your search for talented leadership. Reach top talent while protecting the security of your business.

Recruiting Top Talent

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