Agile Engagement

What is the Agile Mindset?

The Agile Mindset is transforming the world of work. As we face impending change, Agile enables organizations to embrace and manage in accordance with whatever is to come. This global movement began in 2001 with software development companies. But now, hundreds of thousands of varying organizations from all over the world have adopted this concept.

While Agile is segmented into 40 variations and 70 practices, its primary mission remains the same among all iterations. The Agile Mindset prompts continuous innovation for the greatest benefit to the organization and its end-user amid constant change. It does this by opting for small teams, prioritizing the customers’ needs, and with fluidity and transparency within an organization.

The Agile Mindset is a movement away from the bureaucratic management style that embraces top-down leadership, individual work, and little interaction. In contrast, Agile favors collaboration, autonomy, and cross-functional, small teams. As technology refines business processes and maximizes efficiency, the Agile management drives it all.

NextGen Agility and IT Accel:

Rid your organization of bureaucratic inefficiencies and opt for the Agile Mindset. IT Accel has partnered with NextGen Agility to work with your IT candidates. Their team of seasoned Agile experts will assess and build their Agile competency. Upon their assessment of each candidate, NextGen will produce a report card, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each individual’s commitment and ability to take part in an Agile organization or team. Those who conduct these assessments are fully embedded within the Agile and Scrum community as leaders and work very closely with Scrum Alliance and other related organizations. Through this vetting process, NextGen will authenticate candidates and establish a maturity level to compliment your business needs.

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